Sterling Lumber:  Integrated and Customer-Focused

Providing innovative customer solutions for 60 years, Sterling Lumber is a vertically-integrated manufacturer delivering high-performance ground protection mats and more than 300 industrial products to job sites worldwide. The company offers an impressive range of customer services including 24-hour delivery by truck, barge or rail, large indoor storage and warehousing, stock and custom-cut industrial lumber, on-site heat treating, mobile mat washing system, and upcycling and repurposing programs.

In collaboration with partner company Midwest Access Solutions, Sterling offers additional customer service benefits such as onsite mat installation and removal, round-the-clock emergency care teams (responding to storm damage or urgent repairs) and constantly-updated equipment options. Sterling’s seasoned specialists, ranging from lumber experts to biologist and arborists, oversee job site evaluations, project management, temporary road construction, right of way guidance, tree removal/site clearance and industry-changing technology.

A loyal global customer base depends on Sterling to enhance the execution of major infrastructure projects related to highways, toll roads, overpasses, ramps, bridges and more. Sterling’s partnership with institutional, commercial and industrial building contractors is unprecedented. Over the past decade the Illinois-based company has become a national leader in the production and installation of ground protection mats which are critical to the building and updating of electrical transmission and distribution networks – the system which delivers electricity to American homes and businesses.