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Sterling Lumber has been providing superior solutions and services for the civil and heavy construction sectors since 1949. We understand the product specifications, quality demands and delivery requirements which are critical to successfully expediting each project. Whether the need is temporary access roads, crane support, equipment work platforms, ground protection or water crossings, we offer matting solutions that ensure quality and durability throughout job execution.

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We ensure builders and contractors have full worksite access despite the most challenging terrains, while simultaneously providing safe conditions for crews and equipment. An ongoing highlight of Sterling’s commitment to civil and heavy construction customers is a complete mat and installation solution for temporary road access.  

Sterling Crane, Access, Harwood Mats & TerraLamTM CLT Mats

Sterling’s patent pending TerraLamTM CLT Mats and Laminated Mats, also known as Truck Mats, are used for rubber-tired equipment as work platforms and temporary access roads. Our TerraLamTM CLT Mats and Composite Mats are environmentally friendly and discourage transfer of contaminants between jobs, unlike popular traditional Hardwood and Timber Mats.

Catalysts in the effective management of civil and heavy construction projects, Sterling joins our partner Midwest Access services in providing services such as site preparation, land clearing, water crossing, land restoration, logistics planning, emergency response, tree removal, pruning and trimming and more.

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