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Sterling Lumber manufactures a diverse range of access mat products vital to the barge and marine industry. Our superior mat access solutions directly impact the success of aquatic construction, crane work, barge decks installation, material loading and hauling, equipment transport and many other specialized needs on rivers, lakes, harbors or marinas.

Sterling’s extensive collection of barge and marine mat solutions includes Barge and Floater Mats in addition to the versatile new TerraLamTM CLT Mats and Laminated Mats and more traditional, Crane, Steel Rig, Composite, Outrigger, Douglas Fir, Used and Rental mats.  

Sterling also provides skids, timbers and timber fenders for barge and marine construction projects. In collaboration with our partner Midwest Access Solutions, we offer comprehensive project management services for our barge and marine customers. These range from mat installation and removal to 24-hour customer support, prompt mat delivery and easy-access emergency service in case of storm damage or urgent repair work.


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