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Sterling Lumber:  Evolving with Customer Needs

Six decades of superior quality products and exceptional customer service have elevated Sterling Lumber’s overall performance and global brand. With divisions devoted to manufacturing construction and access matting, designing custom pallets, crates and skids and operating North America’s top lumber and lagging facilities, Sterling has established a reliable footprint among contractors.

Sterling is aware of the need to evolve along with the visions of its customers. Perhaps its most remarkable stride in the past decade has been the addition of Sterling’s full-service solutions for construction and access mat customers. Now not only does the company feature an expanded inventory of matting options for ground protection, it offers mat installation, maintenance and removal, along with environmental protection and remediation when necessary.

As Sterling secures its role as a crucial partner in North American infrastructure expansion projects, the demand for full-service mat solutions will prevail with increased environmental regulations looming. New mat technology, featuring lighter and more durable options, will also be required for increased project efficiency and economy.

While Sterling remains a trusted steward of traditional lines of the lumber business, company leadership anticipates remarkable progress and diversification in the construction mat industry, as well as in the development of environmental preservation and remediation as part of Sterling’s new-age ground protection programs.