Hydropower and Geothermal

Hydropower and Geothermal Technologies

Power Plant Construction Matting Solutions

The power and non-power sector uses of both hydropower and geothermal technologies are vital to the evolving global energy sector. Sterling Lumber is aware that successfully navigating all types of irregular terrain is a critical part of maintaining and growing the power industry’s day-to-day operations.

Working in tandem with Midwest Access Services, Sterling is prepared to provide cutting-edge solutions for a wide range of projects during the construction and development of a hydro or geothermal facility. Some of these projects include ground clearing and removal of vegetative cover, grading, drilling, heavy duty vehicular support, creation of pedestrian pathways and installation of facilities.  

Sterling Lumber Construction Mats

Sterling matting solutions can expedite additional project requirements for hydropower and geothermal power resources, such as temporary road access, work platforms, crane support, water crossing, turnaround areas, parts storage and worksite remediation and restoration.

Sterling’s quality products and services ensure the safety of your construction crews while protecting your equipment, worksite landscapes and surrounding ecosystems. With more than 80 different matting products, convenient warehouse locations, 24-hour delivery, and logistical support such as easy-access emergency services, Sterling is your single source provider of quality access matting solutions.

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