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Sterling’s Matting Division manufactures ground protection mats used worldwide in the building and updating of Electrical Transmission and Distribution Networks, Gas and Oil Pipelines, Wind Farms, Power Plants, and Heavy Duty Civil and Marine Construction.

We build the finest quality mats in the industry with careful attention to material selection and consistent manufacturing procedures. Leading-edge manufacturing and logistics technologies allow Sterling to set the industry’s highest standards and expectations for superior quality, safety and reliability.

Matting Products for All Applications

Sterling has matting solutions for all applications regarding temporary access roads, crane stability, worksite platforms, bridging applications, simplifying access to remote locations, protecting sensitive terrain from damage and reducing reclamation costs.

Our products include: Crane Mats, Access Mats, Timber Mats, Construction Mats, Mud Mats, Composite Mats, Excavator Mats, Bolted Mats, Hardwood Mats, Laminated Mats, Bridge Mats, Used Mats, Outrigger Pads and Cross-Laminated Timber (TerraLamTM CLT) Mats.

Sterling’s TerraLam™ CLT Series (Patent Pending)

Sterling’s new TerraLam™ CLT (Cross-Laminated) Series Mats have been developed from years of research and are the industry’s newest revolutionary product. Offering large scale manufacturing capacity, the TerraLam (CLT) Series Mats are stronger, lighter and more durable than traditional Timber Mats. The advantages offer significant logistical efficiencies and cost benefits, while enhancing worker safety and minimizing accidents.  

TerraLam Mats are available in several sizes:

TerraLam 300 CLT Mats are 3-layer, (4 ¼” thick);
TerraLam 500 CLT Mats are 5-layer, (7 1/8” thick);

Manufacturing Facility

Sterling operates the most advanced manufacturer’s facility in the Midwest. The 520,000 sq. ft. property covering 60 acres includes: sawmills, a large railhead, warehousing, a heat treatment plant, a mobile self-contained mat washing system, recycling equipment and the United States first automated TerraLam CLT matting machine.  

Employees & Commitment to Service

Our employees bring together years of timber harvesting, sawmill and manufacturing experience to develop and implement technologies, products and services that meet our unique customers’ requirements in challenging operational environments. Sterling Lumber Company is committed to providing excellent customer service and reliability.

Sterling Corporate Headquarters
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