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Sterling’s Custom Crates and Pallets Division

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Sterling Lumber's Crate, Pallet and Heat-Treated Lumber Division manufactures a wide range of pallets, skids, wood crates and boxes of all sizes, custom made to your shipping specifications delivering your products safely every time.  

Sheet skids, Coil Skids, Cradle and Saddle Skids

Sterling’s Custom Skids are designed to safely support the heavy loads our steel industry customers require for transport. Coil Skids and Sheet Skids are used in transporting all varieties of metals products from the service centers as well as heavy loads of paper products. Skids can be made with a variety of deck configurations to meet space, shipping and cargo safety requirements.

Sterling Cradles, Coils and Wedges

Heat -Treatment Facility

Sterling’s manufacturing facility contains the Midwest’s largest heat treatment plant designed to meet the United Nations’ wood shipment standards and avoid insect infestations. We are ISPM 15 Certified and compliant with international pallet shipment requirements and provide the necessary documentation to verify compliance.

Stocking and Consignment Programs

Stocking, consignment and inventory management programs can be tailored to your specific needs. Whether you need on-site storage or managed incremental delivery, Sterling can provide a program that will save you money and take the hassle out of your pallet inventory management. .

Quick and Economical Shipping

Whether shipping our products by truck, rail or barge, we ensure the quality, service and reliability that you can count on every time! We will make your ordering and delivery process efficient and seamless, assisting with all of your technical or logistical challenges.

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