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North American utility companies depend on strong transmission and distribution system networks for providing power paths to efficiently access and distribute generated electricity. National power, radio, television and telecommunications industries all rely on electrical transmission and distribution system networks to keep our homes and businesses powered to full capacity.

Sterling Mats for Electrical Power PlantsSterling Acess Mat for Electrical Transmission

With increased installations of these networks over the past decade, Sterling Lumber understands the importance of maintaining the connection to our continent’s massive power grid and provides critical support throughout the process. Sterling has become a critical partner to electrical transmission and distribution contractors because we recognize the complex challenges they face daily on the job.

When installing new poles and towers, laying new lines and cables, repairing storm damages or performing routine maintenance and upgrades utility crews typically face numerous environmental obstacles. Among these are access issues, unstable ground conditions or inclement weather which can threaten to halt job progress.
So contractors depend on Sterling’s quality temporary matting solutions.

Sterling Crane, Access and TerraLamTm Mats

Sterling crane and access mats are designed to support high-capacity, heavy equipment operations during the installation, maintenance or removal of electrical transmission lines. These mats provide exceptionally safe staging grounds by stabilizing equipment such as drill rigs and cranes. Sterling access mats allow utility
crews to navigate remote fields, farmland, right-of-way access, bridge creeks, streams and more.

Whether you select traditional Hardwood Crane Mats, Timber Mats, or TerraLamTM CLT Mats and Composite Mats, Sterling products can be used in or around wetlands to protect the environmentally sensitive areas and preserve the soil during construction. Our mat solutions are a low-cost, reliable alternative to expensive gravel road access and comprise solid temporary bridges and roadways with turnarounds allowing safe, easy access to and from work-sites from a single entrance and exit path.
Sterling’s project management specialists can help you carefully plan the sequence of delivery of matting products during construction to allow workers to safe access to power lines without out interrupting the electrical power distribution process. And our team is equipped to remove all temporary matting when the job is complete, addressing any remediation needs so the worksite is restored to its original condition.

Matting Solutions for All Applications
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