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Wind Power and Solar Farms are thriving resources in the renewable energy sector yet their facilities are often located in remote areas with extreme terrain. The lack of paved roads accessing worksites pose significant challenges to the construction of wind and solar power resources. Sterling’s high-performance temporary access matting solutions have been essential to the overall success of wind power and solar farm construction across North America.


Wind Farm Site: Crew and Work Site Safety

Every project in the wind and solar industry has unique project-specific requirements, including access and crane safety needs which must be strategically addressed. Sterling matting solutions geared to these specific needs include Excavator Mats, Standard Outrigger Mats, Steel C-Channel Reinforced Outrigger Pads and standard and heavy duty transition ramps.


Sterling’s access matting products allow efficient and safe transporting of heavy construction equipment without destroying or causing any permanent damages to the surrounding landscape. Mats of all specifications can be delivered and installed promptly. Removal and remediation services are also provided through our partner Midwest Access Services.


Sterling’s wide range of products and services provide efficient, economical solutions to curb the cost of construction and maintenance in remote areas where wind power and solar farms are evolving. Due to our large inventories and conveniently located warehouses, we can accommodate your specific requirements proactively, per budget and within your project deadlines.


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